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Zinc Tally Testing

These days zinc deficiency is almost endemic in our society. Its depletion is associated with diabetes, eating disorders, food sensitivities & allergies, recurrent infections, delayed wound healing, arthritis, hair loss, skin disorders like eczema, infertility, depression insomnia, learning and behavioural disorders.

Zinc is important for so many enzyme systems ranging from liver function to DNA synthesis, serotonin production, sex hormone production, insulin production, stabilization of the histamine response, immune cell production and those that prevent free radical overload in your body. Just to name a few! Zinc is required for the production of tummy acid (hydrochloric acid) that is essential to break down your food and extract all the goodness from it. Thus zinc depletion is the cornerstone of many nutritional deficiencies. Are you deficient in zinc?? Then take the zinc tally test today!

You don't have to guess, or pay for a laboratory test to see if you are zinc deficient. Zinc Tally was developed as a "taste test" for zinc adequacy. By following the directions on the label you can tell from day to day whether or not you need more zinc. You may then choose to supplement zinc with this liquid readily absorbable form or you may want to take a zinc capsule daily & periodically test your zinc status with Zinc Tally.

How the test works

You must not eat, drink, or smoke less than one hour before the test. Then take the equivalent of a liqueur glass of the fluid and rinse your mouth with the fluid for 5-10 seconds, after which you can either swallow or spit it out. Four different flavours now appear:

  1. No flavour or "like water" = typical zinc deficiency
  2. No flavour to begin with, but later a reaction occurs described as either "dry", "fluffy","mineral", "like baking powder" or "sweet" = zinc deficiency
  3. A strong but not necessarily unpleasant flavour is registered immediately and builds up little by little = no zinc deficiency.
  4. An unpleasant flavour is registered immediately. The test person makes a wry face and wants to rinse his mouth with water = no zinc deficiency, good zinc status.