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The Pathway

Step 1    Health Analysis (100-120 mins )       
An assessment of your current health status including:

  • Discussing your dietary and health history including your current health symptoms and those health outcomes you want to achieve.
  • Determining your blood type if unknown
  • Live blood testing
  • Dried blood layer testing
  • Discussing the results of these tests, their health implications for you
  • Determining whether further testing including Hair Mineral Analysis or Blood Pathology tests are required. An extensive blood chemistry (pathology) profile performed through our own g.p network is normally essential and is covered by medicare (total cost is under $40.00)
  • Strategies you can use now to get you started on your path to a healthier life including some food and fluid intake pattern planning and natural therapy supplemental advice to get the program started so benefits are realized prior to session 2.

Step 2    Program Planning (60-75 mins) approx 3-4 weeks later

  • Creating a personalised plan to improve your current health which includes:
  • Reviewing/discussing  all other blood chemistry -  hair results gathered since session 1 and their associated health implications for you
  • Development of a more detailed personal dietary program
  • Assistance with menu and fluid intake planning + health food sourcing
  • Creation of a detailed  personal natural medicine/supplement plan
  • Strategies to help with lifestyle issues including exercise programs and the need for other subtle energy field therapies such as:
  • Acupuncture, massage, osteopathy, electromagnetic therapy etc 

Step 3     Program Review (60 mins) approx 4-8 weeks later   
An assessment of the progress you have made so far which includes:

  • Examining the progress you have made so far
  • Modifying your diet where necessary
  • Updating and modifying your natural medicine plan according to progress thus far
  • Strategies to assist in maintaining a healthier you… maintenance diet and supplemental routintes for the longer term

Throughout your program Chris is available via email or phone to assist with any problems or answer any questions that you may have on your path to creating a healthier you.

All consultations are covered by private health funds extra tables.

You need to have cover with a dietitian-nutritionist or naturopath in the extra’s table of your health fund.

Approximately 50-60% of all sessions are redeemable.

Contact us today to get on the path to a healthier life.