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Using the testing services at our disposal we determine..

  1. the causal nature or factors responsible for your sub-par health, symptoms or disease
  2. the nature and type of microbiological imbalances within your body
  3. your tissue acid – alkaline balance   ARE YOU TO ACIDIC
  4. what types of environmental toxicity are present and creating havoc inside you ( see article or information on toxic terrorists)
  5. if you ageing to quickly….
  6. nutrient deficiencies of protein, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids


Interested in finding out whether we may be able to help you? Then look below as we have the capacity to screen for and appraise all our clients for:

  • Cardiovascular Disease and Thrombosis risk
  • Diabetes risk
  • Anaemia risk including iron and vitamin B12 status
  • Kidney Disease risk
  • Liver function Status and Disease risk
  • Thyroid function Status and Disease risk
  • Microbial Infection Status and Immune System function assessment
  • Adrenal Gland function Status
  • Arthritis risk
  • Auto-immune Disease risk
  • Iron deficiency and overload assessment
  • Acid stress assessment –  and tissue PH Imbalance
  • Protein status assessment
  • Carbohydrate Metabolism assessment
  • Body Inflammation status
  • Connective Tissue Breakdown assessment
  • Heavy Metal Level Load and assessment
  • Pesticide level assessment
  • Petro-chemical level assessment
  • The presence of environmental toxins in your body
  • The presence of microbiological imbalances and infections
  • Free Radical Stress, Tissue Vitamin C status
  • Trace mineral level status including zinc, magnesium, selenium and many more

Once we have determined what your disease risk profile and current symptoms are indicative on we can then devise a personalized program based on diet, lifestyle modification and suitable natural medicines designed to correct the core problems that firstly created your decline in health …

By following you up at regular intervals over time with our routine testing procedures we validate any symptomatic improvement you detect with hard numerical evidence indicating positive changes in your biochemistry and body organ system function.