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Live Blood Testing

Live Blood Analysis uses a drop of live blood from the patient's finger that has not been killed by staining, and viewed under a special microscope using a darkfield and phase contrast condenser. This enables the blood sample to be illuminated from the sides, making the various components phosphoresce behind a dark and light backgrounds. This makes it possible to see very small particles, smaller than a cell that would not normally be visible under a normal light microscope. All the living components of the blood are seen clearly, and can be viewed by the patient and therapist using a video camera and a large screen monitor.

The examination of live blood is valuable for the early detection of serious health conditions. It is possible to see how close the body is to developing more serious illnesses  simply from using one drop of blood.

Because the precursors to these illnesses and serious health imbalances can be seen by viewing micro-biological forms observed in live blood, health imbalances may be averted by reading these early warning signs and making the necessary diet-lifestyle changes and implementing appropriate natural medicine therapies that will allow one to rebalance the physiology. These markers are also applicable in the course of tracking the progression and reversal of degenerative conditions that may already be in motion.

Below are some photo's of both normal and unhealthy live blood samples indicating some of the common abnormalities often seen... 

Using live cell analysis we can assess -

  1. acid-alkaline (ph) balance in your body
  2. toxicity levels within your body
  3. levels of intestinal stress
  4. for micro-biological imbalances within the body
  5. the potential for nutritional deficiencies including iron, vitamin B12/folic acid
  6. for immune system vitality and viral presence

I have written an extensive over-view of this test and what information can be derived from this type of testing. This can be viewed in our articles section within this web-site.