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How healthy are you?

As an authoritive leader in his field, the Health Detective applies his experience in Nutritional Biochemistry and his skill as a qualified Naturopath to delve behind your surface symptoms to remedy the true cause of your physical ailment, naturally.

Using various health analysis techniques, The Health Detective can detect subtle changes in your internal environment that precede illness allowing a lifestyle treatment program incorporating blood type nutrition and natural medicines to prevent disease and improve vitality.

If you suffer from the following complaints: bloated stomach, allergies, intolerances, bowel disorders, fatigue, recurrent infections, hormonal imbalances, skin disorders, infertility, blood sugar or weight related problems, then now is the time to take a deeper look!

Contact us today to get on the road to a better and healthier future, check out our articles section where we’ve compiled a variety of interesting articles that are informative and relevant or see what some of our clients have said about us and the services we offer.