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Free Radical Therapy

Free Radical Therapy is the logical approach to solving degenerative diseases and bringing a halt to repeat infection of which periodontitis, TMJ dysfunction and mercury toxicity are a part. Rather than treating symptoms, this method deals with the causes of the problem. It recognizes the existence of six fundamental defects that are common to every degenerative disease. These are:

  1. pH imbalance-primarily Acidemia
  2. Anaerobic Tendency
  3. Free Calcium Excess
  4. Chronic Inflammation
  5. Connective Tissue Breakdown
  6. Oxidative Stress

Free radicals are normal metabolic waste products produced by the body and the body possesses a whole enzymatic machinery to eliminate free radicals. Problems related to free radicals occur only when the body produces too much of them, or when the body loses its ability to eliminate them, or when we get too much of them from our food or the external world. Once free radicals accumulate in the body, this can give rise to a host of degenerative diseases.

Using a Free Radical Therapy analysis we can determine the presence and extent of the subclinical indicators of biochemical imbalance. We discover them by careful physical examination, and blood, urine and other tests. We also take a careful history which covers past medical and dental problems, your diet and environmental exposure to toxic chemicals.

Using this information, we prepare a report which summarizes how your body chemistry is out of balance. The report shows which of the subclinical indicators is out of balance and to what extent. From your history we determine which of the dietary and life-style choices have contributed to each imbalance.

Finally we make recommendations as to what you can do to change your body chemistry.These changes might include protecting yourself from environmental toxins. They might include dietary changes. They might include supplementatlon of vitamins, minerals and other substances. Some of the recommendations might be for a few weeks and some might be for a lifetime.

Over a period of time you will learn what you can do to balance your body chemistry. By simple tests you can run at home you will learn how to keep it in balance. By testing you can learn how to cooperate with your body's unique chemical pattern and thereby avoid much disease.