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Dr Michael Colgin estimates that 90% of the population is chronically dehydrated. It is now well established by eminent medical practitioners that dehydration is the cause of all disease.


·          It is a major mis-conception and false assumption that thirst is the only marker of body hydration status. This has clearly been refuted at world conferences and in 4 books written by the eminent Dr Batmanjhelidj who is a London university trained medical specialist within the field of dehydration.

Many practitioners of nutritional medicine around the world are becoming concerned with the lack of effectiveness of nutrient supplements that come as pills, capsules, tablets or caplets.
Have you ever considered that you may not be deriving all the benefits from your nutritional supplements. Do you think your body actually effectively absorbs all the amazing nutrients contained within these pills and capsules?

The Earth and the human body are of similar composition. When the earth's terrain is thrown out of balance by pollution, it manifests this imbalance with symptoms like disturbed weather patterns and acid rain. In our own bodies, the same thing happens to our inner terrain and consequently millions of people, like the planet, are now suffering from their own version of acid rain.

The same enzyme detoxification systems that detoxify and remove dangerous chemicals that we expose ourselves too either by choice or inadvertently, also have the potential to increase our chances of disease.

A number of readers of NVNH have inquired about the merits of a book which recommends flesh foods as the best form of protein for certain blood types. The following article offers a solution to this concern.

Will you become their next victim???

As we draw closer to the end of  another decade, it’s time we became more consciously aware of the toxic biological environment in which we now exist and how those toxic threats are impacting our biological health.

Are you at risk from toxic terrorists?
When ‘toxic terrorists’ invade your body, they often do it with extreme stealth, and the damage they do to your cellular matrix is done slowly. Often there’s no immediate symptoms, so it’s usually hard to detect.
However, the warning signs include increased fatigue, low libido, mood swings, depression, obesity, brain fog, immune system disorders and allergies. Left unchecked, internal toxic terrorism can lead to stroke, heart disease, cancer and premature death. But there are ways to avoid all this.