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About Us

Christopher Manton is a nutritionally-oriented natural therapist who runs a busy natural health clinic in Bondi Junction, Sydney, utilising live and dried blood testing.

After completing an undergraduate degree in biochemistry plus post-graduate degree studies in nutrition and natural medicine, Chris has been researching and applying complementary healing modalities since 1990, working extensively with nutritional, herbal and isopathic-biological medicines.

Chris has lectured for many years in Nutrition and Nutritional Medicine at leading Naturopathic teaching institutions in Adelaide and Sydney, including the well-respected Nature Care College. In the role of writer, teacher and health coach to his many clients, Chris has contributed regularly to leading health publications such as Well-being, New Dawn & The New Vegetarian Magazines.

Mainstream media coverage of Manton’s work includes a Triple J story in 1996, a profile on SBS TV in 1998, plus many radio interviews and a number of articles and features published in newspapers including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and the Wentworth Courier.

Since 1998 Chris has brought cutting-edge health, nutrition and spirituality to the younger generation on his radio show “A Natural High” that was broadcast on Sydney community station, Dance FM from 1998–2000, with co-host DJ Virgil.

Chris Manton was most recently interviewed in April 2004 by James Valentine on his 702 ABC afternoon programme. The story covered the very real health risks posed by xeno-estrogens and xeno-biotics and how to counteract the dangers.

The Manton edge
In 1994 Chris Manton began an incredible journey of discovery. His study of the morphological conditions in the native live blood was accelerated by analysing the work of respected authorities including Dr. Hoorst Poelman and Dr. Konrad Werthman – the latter considered in European scientific and medical circles to be leaders in the field of isopathic biological medicines and darkfield microscopy.

His studies led Chris to adopt a synthesis of nutritional principles from blood type diet theories along with those espoused by European doctors such as Werthman. Much of Manton’s success in his clinic is due to the partnership of these two guiding philosophies as well as the utilization of other dietary principles derived from traditional Chinese medicine dating back many centuries.

Chris Manton has been utilising “sanum” biological medicines in clinical practice for over ten years, and he has achieved great clinical success with his clients by fusing the sanum therapies with 21st century theories in nutritional education.

Like most doctors who utilise darkfield blood analysis in Germany, Poelman and Werthman use the research findings of Dr. Enderlein in their approach to darkfield through their use of the “sannum” range – He works in close co-operation with a regular G.P who performs a range of normal blood chemistry panel tests to complement the results gathered from Manton’s more holistic live and dried cell blood testing.

Manton see’s himself some-what as a pattern analyst of all this visual and numerical information provided from these blood chemistry and alternative blood, hair and urine tests. The detection of abnormal patterns from these results allows for particular natural  therapy and diet protocols to be put in place for individuals so as to begin the process to restore balance to the abnormal processes that have been generated and so reverse the symptoms of sub-par health associated with these patterns.

Chris can also analyse and interpret results from hair tissue mineral testing, leaky gut, complete digestive stool analysis and other functional body organ system testing modalities that aid in identifying those organic biological causes underpinning health problems and disease.

The Manton edge is the result of fusing together holistic health principals with scientific structures which build a solid, logical platform from which to construct health solutions to address specific conditions. Chris can thus treat the very cause of illness, rather than merely patch you up with natural “bandaids”  that merely address symptoms and mask the real situation as it pertains to sickness.

Chris has written a number of articles on various health and diet topics. You can read about these in the Articles Database.