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My journey to find good health began in 1996. I had fluctuated in weight from the age of 15, my dietary habits changed and evolved and were not always healthy in fact sometimes far from healthy. During school and Uni there were 2 particular years where my weight increased dramatically then in 1993 I decided to do something about it. 

I joined a gym, began a very healthy eating regime that involved the old school, 5 serves of bread/cereals, 2 serves of meat, 5 serves of vegies, 2 serves of fruit and 2 litres of water a day. I stuck to the diet very closely although I did consume an awful lot of diet coke whilst on this diet. I lost close to 15kgs and went from 76kgs down to 61kgs which for my height is at the lower end of the healthy weight range. I was exercising, I felt healthy and felt very energetic.

After a while I started to develop constipation and began to put weight back on, no matter how well I ate and what exercise I did I could not maintain my weight at the 61kgs. I went back up to 70kgs and hovered around that weight regardless of my health and fitness regime.

I then started taking laxatives which worked for a short time of course and then the real problems hit, my regular use of laxatives made it harder and harder for my body to function normally without assistance. I became more and more constipated, my weight kept increasing, I started retaining fluid, especially in my legs and just generally began to feel more and more lethargic, quite depressed, uncomfortable within my own skin is how I remember this time.

There were many occasions where I just didn't feel like walking because my body felt too toxic. I often stayed at home just lying in a reclining chair because I felt so awful. I went to naturopaths, doctors, you name it I went to see them.

Over time my condition did improve slowly but I didn't really know what was wrong with me, nobody did. The fist diagnosis I had was from a Dr in Sydney in about 2000 who said I was suffering from Candida and that I needed to follow an anti-Candida diet, take some supplements and I would soon feel much better. Well its true that I did feel better but I still knew I didn't feel "normal" in fact I started to wonder if anyone ever felt normal.

My constipation issues continued on and off, my weight wasn't budging and no matter what exercise I did, I saw very little difference. One day waiting for my Dr I read an article on colonics and decided to give them a try. I went to the Colon Care Centre and had my first treatments. They went very well but then Anna from the clinic suggested I see Chris Manton and try a different approach to my health. I went to see Chris for the 1st time in 2001.

This is when my journey took a vastly different path. Chris conducted a live blood test with me and identified I had acidosis and needed to go on an Alkaline diet immediately. I began the diet and supplements and saw immediate results, my skin felt different, my body felt different and I managed to lose some weight. I continued on the diet and supplements with 6 monthly check-ins to re-assess my progress etc. Over time, I began to see less benefits of the diet, it was then Chris decided on a new approach.

We took a hair mineral test and were hoping for more insight into what was causing my ongoing weight, fluid, digestive and constipation issues.

The test came back and showed that I had elevated levels of mercury from my teeth fillings. We immediately began the process of having my fillings removed and replaced with composites and then the de-tox began. I would never have believed the impact of the de-tox if it hadn't been through it. The severity of the de-tox saw some very nasty moments but it all lead to me getting back on the road to great health.

2 years after my de-tox I keep setting new benchmarks of good health. My constipation issues have all but gone, my fluid issues have all but gone, my weight keeps dropping slowly but steadily and I have been feeling the benefits and impact of my exercise regime at last.

Chris has been the only person that has understood how I felt, what to look for and how to get me better and keep me well. I have learnt such a valuable lesson in having to work for my health that I feel very well armed to ensure I stay well for the rest of my life's journey.

Chris is a truly gifted person that cares for people and helps when no-one else can. I have him to thank for feeling as well as I do today.

Angela Logan-Bell

National Licensing Solutions Manager

Ingram Micro Aust. Pty Ltd