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My early to late 20’s you could say were a whirlwind of living life in the party lane and my body was not exactly treated as a temple!

I went to see Chris Manton at the beginning of 2005 to discover a number of health issues had developed that were adversely affecting my sense of balance, hormonal fluctuations, energy levels, mood swings, immune system & digestion.

Chris was able to identify I had adrenal exhaustion that was causing me to feel unusually fatigued, sluggish in the mornings, suffering the effects of a poor immune system and a jittery nervous system.  What also became apparent was my thyroid was under-active causing an imbalance with my endocrine system.  Another health issue I had developed was a weak digestive system that wasn’t allowing my body to process and absorb vital nutrients.

Chris put me on a health program that has immensely improved my sense of balance especially concerning hormone fluctuations.  My nervous system has calmed downed considerably and I feel a lot more relaxed and at peace in myself (I had developed a twitch that no longer happens!).  With the supplements I am taking each meal time, my digestive system now processes food properly & efficiently without causing me to feel bloated and sluggish hours afterwards.  This has also contributed to better energy levels on the whole, especially in the mornings as I’m not as sluggish & lethargic as I used to be.

The holistic benefits both immediate and long term I have experienced from Chris’s program, have made a huge improvement, physically, mentally and emotionally … mind, body, spirit. 

Mandy Norton