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When I first came to see Dr Chris I was a wreck. I had really low energy, tummy bloating, depression, PMS etc. I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong. I considered myself very health conscious; a strict vegan, organic, no processed foods. When Chris explained my symptoms by showing me the cells in my blood it completely changed the way I understood my body.

Chris explained with clarity and insight how I operated as a living system and how inadvertently i'd starving myself of the many vital elements I needed to function  at my optimal level.

Together Chris and I worked out a diet plan in keeping with the foods I already enjoyed.

Chris is extremely  knowledgeable and caring. I truly believe I have Chris to thank for my current state of vitality and energy. As a filmmaker I travel the world, work long hours, sometimes 16 hours a day, and often don't have the best food to choose from. But coached by Dr Chris I am no longer a food faddist, I eat for my blood type and have a deeper understanding of what my body needs and when.

I recommend Dr Chris to serious about transforming their health and life.

Donna Stephens