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Quite simply meeting Chris has changed my life!

I first went to Chris about 5 years ago when I was suffering from extremely bad eczema all over my face and neck.  I had been to several doctors, skins specialists and eye specialists (as it was even in my eyes).  Each of these doctors told me unfortunately I had adult onset eczema and there was nothing they could do for me, there was no cure, just treatment.

After chronic suffering for 9 months to the point where I didn’t want to leave my home and it was affecting my work and generally my life, it was suggested to me by a colleague that I see Chris Manton.  I had never even been to a naturopath, let alone heard of a “Nutritional Biochemist” but I thought there was nothing I could lose.

I first saw Chris in February 2002.  I was absolutely fascinated at my initial consultation where Chris identified that I had several vitamin and mineral deficiencies, my digestive system was very sluggish and generally my health wasn’t good.  After 3 weeks only of diligently following an eating plan that is right for my body and taking the supplements to support my system where it inadequate, my eczema had almost disappeared and I had lost several kilos.  I was absolutely amazed!! 1. No doctors had made this difference and 2. I had always found it so difficult to lose weight and keep it off.

After 7 weeks my eczema was completely gone and I had lost 10 kilos as a bonus!!

Now 5 years later I have not had eczema again and I have maintained my weight at a level that I only dreamt of before.  Chris continually tweaks my program and at times I ‘fall off the wagon’ and indulge myself in old ways, however Chris provides me with ways to counteract the effects of this on my body. 

I honestly have never looked back and I feel that Chris has had a massive impact on my life, he is continually educating me on how to best look after my body.

I couldn’t speak more highly of Chris and his work and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone!

Jo Fleming