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I first visited Chris Manton in 2000. I had an executive role for a multinational, travelled all the time, and worked long hours. I was 37 at the time but often felt like a 50 year old. I knew at the time that I was operating in an unsustainable way and looked for solutions. I was unimpressed by regular medical practice or the "fad" health centers and pharmaceutical companies which offer package solutions for the masses.

Through word of mouth I found Chris. It was a breath of fresh air. Rather than offering simple solutions, Chris started with developing a genuine understanding of me. My lifestyle, my eating habits, my general health, my bio-chemistry, my mental state. He used the full range of pathology and medical tests available - checking my blood, my mineral content, my chemical makeup, my general physical profile. This created a detailed and factual baseline on my real health. No one had ever taken the time to do this for me. It was very revealing and all about the real me at 37.

With that understanding he identified areas where my personal machinery was mis-firing and operating below my potential. He then recommended a very personalised and targetted treatment regime that would fix critical areas. After three months he examined my progress and recommended a personalised regime that would offer ongoing improvement in other areas. This involved subtle changes to diet and exercise and the use of selected suppliments. I am a motivated person and found these changes were very simple to incorporate into my lifestyle.

Importantly he also provided solutions to accommodate the harsher side of my lifestyle. So for instance when I was travelling, eating, drinking, and sleeping poorly, Chris gave me some specific suppliments to reduce the physical impact.

In 2001 I weighed 86 kilograms, I often got tired in the afternoons, I often felt bloated after eating, and my mood was variable particularly after stressful periods.

Today, I am 44, I weigh 78 kilograms, I feel full of energy and never feel tired in the afternoons. I no longer feel bloated, my general mood is better and most of the times I feel like I did when I was 30.

This is not magic and it is not about quick fixes or fancy drugs. Chris is as far away from a "fad" than I could possibly imagine. What he offers is an information based solution to managing my health.

I see Chris once a year as part of my health management practice. It gives me the knowledge insight and motivation to prevent illness and keep working at my full potential. I now feel like I am really in control and I feel good!

Tony Palanca
Managing Partner and Founder
China Direct Partners