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Hi Chris,

I am taking this opportunity to thank you for your precious assistance  you have given me over the past 2 years of my being a client of yours.

To say that you expertise in helping me lose weight, and a good deal of it, is appreciated is an understatement.

Not only has the weight loss been substantial but I have maintained my hectic and social lifestyle throughout. Additionally I have maintained my physical strength, something that I have never been able to do over a lifetime battle with my weight.

Chris, the most amazing benefit I have enjoyed is a rejuvenated liver reading of 179 in July 2005 to a reading of 51 today. My doctor is astounded but very pleased.

The adjustments I have made to my eating habits have been amazing and most enjoyable yet with the obvious exclusions I experience no problem coping during my hectic lifestyle.

Chris, thank you for the professional and caring manner that you have displayed over my many appointments both formal and 'on the run' and I will have no hesitation in continuing to recommend your services to my many friends and contacts.

Tony Moses