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Are you at risk from toxic terrorists?
When ‘toxic terrorists’ invade your body, they often do it with extreme stealth, and the damage they do to your cellular matrix is done slowly. Often there’s no immediate symptoms, so it’s usually hard to detect.
However, the warning signs include increased fatigue, low libido, mood swings, depression, obesity, brain fog, immune system disorders and allergies. Left unchecked, internal toxic terrorism can lead to stroke, heart disease, cancer and premature death. But there are ways to avoid all this.

How can you know whether your exposure is reaching dangerous levels?

Dr Walter Crinion, a well known leader in environmental medicine from the USA devised his own quick quiz to determine whether people in this century are suffering from toxic overload. Answering ‘yes’ to any of the three questions below makes you toxic!

1. Do you breathe air?
2. Do you drink water?
3. Do you eat food?

And I hear he’s thinking of shortening it to… do you have a pulse? Okay, you get the idea. I also suggest you browse, so you can see for yourself the thousands of toxic chemicals that are creeping into our bodies.

These toxins include heavy metals, thallium (a rat poison), fluoride, herbicides, pesticides, pcb’s (polychlorinated biphenyls), organochlorines (DDT, DDE, Lindane), transfatty acids, plasticizers, dioxins, pyrethrates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (combustion products), organophosphates and more. That should be enough to convince you that we are now more then ever before under serious attack from a vast array of harmful chemicals.

If you are over 40, still alive and kicking, but fatigued to a certain level, then you can just about guarantee you are under siege to some extent. Let’s be honest… who out there living in the fast lane has all the energy that they’d like without having to rely on caffeine or stimulants to achieve it.

To determine which of these toxic terrorists are responsible for your health problems there are a range of scientific procedures available. These include testing blood, hair and urine samples that provide a good therapist with detailed information that can pinpoint the main offenders.

The reality is that unless you are implementing a wide range of toxicity risk reduction strategies on a daily basis… and who has the time for that… then you must be toxic to a certain degree. Toxic terrorists such as the heavy metals of mercury, lead and cadmium are especially damaging as they reside within the mitachondria (energy furnaces) of your cells, where they block cellular energy (ATP) creation. And this weakens the liver’s ability to perform it’s vital tasks.

When you lack the energy to drive other biochemical detoxification pathways in the liver from your body, things like pesticides, organophosphates, cleaning chemicals, cigarette smoke and alcohol, become even more hard to deal with.

Even many of the pharmaceutical medications people often use  block the very pathways that help you clear many of these toxic chemicals from your body. The drug for dyspepsia and other gastro complaints Cimetidine (tagamet) and anti-depressants such as SSRI’s, severly impair the enzyme systems in the liver that would ordinarily effectively clear cancer-causing compounds from the bloodstream.

I know of this quite bizarre case where a client was referred to me after the medical system failed to successfully treat his depression with an SSRI medication. He had a history of chronic encephalopathy (brain fog) that is often associated with depression that I determined after testing was due to continual exposure to solvents like toluene and xylene in his workplace.

If I was in his shoes I’d be considering taking legal action.

Chronic brain fog is like being at an airport that is permanently surrounded by dense-thick fog. Nothing ever takes off and nothing ever lands! And you know what, over 25-50% of the population these days has this condition. So it’s no wonder half the population seems depressed.

So here we have a person with brain fog and depression who was taking pharmaceutical medication that was blocking the elimination of the chemical solvents from the body that actually created the depression to begin with!

There’s an inherent problem here. Lets all pray that one day modern medicine begins to seek out the causes behind illness and symptoms rather than just treating every condition with a one-size-fits-all approach to medication.

Forget the quick fix, our bodies don’t work that way. And the toxic load many carry is the result of living the lavish super sized city lifestyle many worship. As mercury and lead are in all of us to varying degrees we should get our levels checked using techniques like hair tissue mineral analysis to make sure the level is less than miniscule. If there is more than even a very little, they should be removed.

Given that most city dwellers live in a highly toxic environment, you should be aware that pharmaceutical medications to solve one problem can in many cases block your ability to clear toxic cancer-causing compounds from your body at the same time.

Digestive system pain is a desperate cry for help from down below to get you to “change what you’re eating”… rather than a message to take a sledgehammer medication to shut your stomach up.

Toxic terrorism can be beaten. Action can be taken. But you must act now.

Christopher Manton


B.App.Sci., Dip.Ed., M.Nutr & Dietetics., Ass.Dip.Nat., Nutritional Biochemist, is the director of The Health Detective Pty Ltd.


Manton is qualified in clinical nutrition and naturopathy and runs a practice in nutritional biochemistry using Darkfield Microscopy and the Bolans Clot Retraction Blood Test.


Enquiries can be forwarded to the clinic at Level 1, 70 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022.  Phone (BH): 02 9387 8777.   E-mail: