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Why We Are All Chronically Dehydrated

Dr Michael Colgin estimates that 90% of the population is chronically dehydrated. It is now well established by eminent medical practitioners that dehydration is the cause of all disease.


·          It is a major mis-conception and false assumption that thirst is the only marker of body hydration status. This has clearly been refuted at world conferences and in 4 books written by the eminent Dr Batmanjhelidj who is a London university trained medical specialist within the field of dehydration.

·          Today many people substitute other liquids which contain water but actually contribute to dehydration through numerous metabolic processes…;

(1)     caffeinated beverages à obviously take water from the body via diuresis

(2)     carbonated soft drinks à deplete minerals from cells

(3)     artificial sweetened drinks and foods also deplete minerals from the body

(4)     alcoholic beverages are even worse than caffeine in that they are diuretic, mineral depletive and neurotoxic

(5)     all synthetic drugs, marijuana, cigarettes and tobacco dehydrate and shut off your neurochemical signals indicating you need water

If you are trace mineral (iron, zinc, selenium, manganese and many others) depleted then you can’t assimilate water into your cells or extrete toxins from your cells. Most of us are all mineral depleted due to stress and depletion of minerals in our soils thru which our food is grown.

Even if you did drink sufficient water there are many factors that create mineral depletion that simply do not allow you to hydrate effectively.

Many of us drink water all the time and constantly going to the toilet seemingly losing all the water we just drank. This problem is now endemic throughout the world, so until you know the secret formula to correct this problem you will remain dehydrated and increase your risk of developing just about every disease you can think of. If you are concerned about that then maybe you should read on!

 Many different types of Gastro-intestinal disturbances leads to mineral depletion. For example all of the following will prevent or block mineral uptake into your body from your diet ;

(1)     Stomach Hydrochloric acid depletion

(2)     Pancreatic Gland Insufficiency or weakness leading to enzyme depletion

(3)     Microbiological dysbiosis -à candida/ yeast/bacterial imbalances

These problems are associated with gastro system bloating, fatigue and other bowel symptoms. If you have any of them for some time you can guarantee you are now dehydrated despite any attempts on your behalf to try and drink more water.

 The 8 emergency thirst signals the body puts as quoted by dr B in his various books are;

·          Heartburn

·          Migraines

·          Angina

·          Rheumatic pain

·          Back pain

·          Intermittent leg pain on walking

·          Colitis pain


Pain is often a sign of increased cellular acidity that often occurs simply due to dehydration. Cellular acidity damages cellular DNA and can be corrected by effective hydration protocols we are now using in our clinic.

Here at my clinic with the aid of my colleagues (1) alchemist professor bill rock and (2) metaphysician & scientific shaman Tim Strachan who is the master of the “water energization” we have created an amazing aesthetically pleasing formula that you can add to your drinking water that will (1) hydrate your cells and body effectively and (2) do this without the need to drink excessive quantities of water. The improvements I have noted in my patients on water loading protocols alone have been quite astonishing.

Please contact me on my email or by phone if you are interested in further information on this topic which is at the moment one of the most interesting and effective advances  I have been using now for 12months in my clinic to improve health outcomes in all my clients! So if your sick and tired of feeling thirsty then
water loading is now a must if you want to feel hydrated 1!