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I was referred to Dr Chris by a friend in january 2004. I had told my friend I needed to see a naturopath, but was unimpressed by some I'd seen in the past and as a result my faith in people who professed a 'natural approach' was not strong. Out of total desperation, I mustered all the faith I could and went and saw Dr Chris.
At the time, I had been working for several years in a large city law firm, and working really long hours. It eventually took its toll, and I suffered a really bad case of glandular fever which totally took me out of action. I had also for several years been battling ongoing UTI's which I could never shake – and which I was told by leading specialists, that as they could not solve the problem, they recommended surgeory. By the time I went to see Dr Chris, my immune system had taken a total beating, conventional medicine offered me no solutions, specialists and doctors were resorting to the usual lines of antibiotics and wanting to operate, and in my late 20's I was left struggling to recover from my body's 'melt-down'.

My family had been involved in friut and veg shops, so growing up, we had a great diet. I had always assumed I was fairly well educated about the “do's and dont's” relating to diet and general well-being – and generally I was on the right track. What I learnt from Dr Chris though were some basics which I now know to be fundamental to health and wellbeing. These included: the role of some key vitamins and minerals, especially in times of stress; an understanding of PH levels and their vital role in our body; some minor but integral changes to diet; and ongoing education about the interrelation of the body's internal systems – and how they're affected when thrown out of balance.

The benefits have been far too great to mention. Since seeing Dr Chris I have totally transformed the way I view 'health', and I am far more in tune to understanding what my body needs. I am happy to say that I have been armed with a far more effective, long-term, and sustainable defence to ill health. Antiobiotics and UTI's are a thing of the past, as are the so called “top notch” specialists and GP's who persistently prescribed them to me. Dr Chris is, and has been since the very first consultation, a fundamental component to my ongoing health and wellbeing – and is always my first resort when things get off track.

Angela Russo